Quality Policy

It is Sterling Solutions policy that all livestock meet itsí program requirements for certification at the time they are presented for harvest including: Source Identified, Source Verified, Age Verified, Natural Verified, Animal Care and Handling Verified and Traceable.

Sterling Solutions supports best management practices for livestock operations involved in the Sterling Solutions Process Verified Program for source and age verification, natural verification and animal care and handling verification and traceability. To this extent, as a company, we do not tolerate inhumane handling of livestock.

Quality Objective: Verification and Validation

Data establishing the Source, Age, Animal Care & Handling, Natural claims and Traceability of livestock will be validated by Sterling Solutions through the use of qualifying assessments, desk audits, and on-site evaluations by qualified Auditors (field personnel).

Auditors will meet the ISO 19011 International Standard for Quality Management Systems and possess the relevant agricultural experience.

Company will use an evidence-based approach in conjunction with on-site evaluations. The rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible audit conclusions in a systematic audit process: Audit evidence is verifiable. It is based on samples of information available, since an audit is conducted during a finite periods of time and with finite resources.

Company auditors will maintain independence which is the basis for impartiality of an audit and the objectivity of the audit conclusions. Auditors will maintain an objective state of mind throughout the audit process to ensure that the audit findings and conclusions will be based only on the audit evidence. To this end auditors will report truthfully and accurately audit findings.