1. Cattlemen and Dairymen looking to have the peace of mind that their participation in a program for age and source verification is simple, dependable, and creates both the opportunity to add value to their cattle and to be paid for that added value.

2. Auction Markets facing a significant challenge in that many of the cattle going through the auctions are in small lots from small, part-time operators with little incentive to embrace sophisticated cattle identification systems.

3. Feedlots wanting the assurance of an approved, credible program that is reliable and does not create an unwarranted liability or burden on the day-to-day activities of the feedlot.

4. Packers needing the assurance that the certified program cattle purchased and brought into the plant can be tracked and the certification maintained through the plant in a cost-effective, minimally disruptive manner.

5. All End-Users of U.S. source and age verified beef desiring a credible program that allows them to confidently "buy into" the program and be able to address any questions that may arise concerning the process verified label.

Operational Flowchart: